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The training we provide is targeted to meet your need. All our courses are based on developing your professional career. we give you insights, tools and knowledge necessary for enhancing your skills and expanding your network.

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International  of Research Management January 10 – 12, 2024, Bologna, Italy

This training event is for you, who wants to better understand research and research management in a coherent manner. The training is targeted to young research leaders, university management, research group leaders, and research office staff. Ethics, Open Science, lobbying, EU-policy and how to establish networks in Science is an integral part of this training.

Research Mangement and Administration

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This training event is for you, who have recently entered the world of Research Management, being it in a university, research organisation, funding body, company or any other entity working with research. You can have a background as a trained researcher or being new to world of research. 

Impact of Research

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Impact means to have a strong effect on someone or something. The purpose of this seminar is to establish an understanding of what impact in research means, why is has become such an important concept, and how researchers can use this knowledge to enhance success in research and research funding.

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