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Jan Andersen is the Director and founder of Andersen Research Advisory. He has a background in Computer Science and Danish Language. He is a specialist in research strategy, funding and research planning. He is the co-author of “Research Management – Europe and beyond”. He was elected chair of the European Association of Research Managers and Administrators, EARMA 2010-2013, and board member until 2018. He was initiative taker to the COST BESTPRAC Targeted Network and was chair from 2013-2018 with more than 680 participants from 41 countries.

Beside being a strong professional research manager and administrator he is also engaged in social and local activities.


Jan Andersen – Inspiring others to be their best

I am curious and entrepreneurial I started studying Computer Science and Danish Language and with additional 2 years philosophy studies I wanted to understand how technology influenced society and thinking. During my student time I was active in the National Union of Students and wrote a successful ERASMUS project, with the aim to attract European students to Denmark. This led to my first position at the University of Copenhagen, as an EU Liaison Officer – and the interest for EU research policy and strategy have remained. Over the years I grow into become a specialist in research strategy, funding and research planning. I became involved in building…

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up four very successful research support units in Danish Universities and was the advisor for Deans and Rectors of the Danish Technical University, University of Copenhagen, the Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University and University of Southern Denmark. I was always active in setting up networks and collaboration among colleagues, and started the first Danish networks on EU-funding, and the Danish Association of Research Managers and Administrators DARMA together with good colleagues. I was the Head of the Nordic Association of University Administrators Working Group for Research Administrators. I was hosting the 2009 Annual Conference of European Association of Research Managers and Administrators, EARMA and elected Chairman for EARMA 2010-2013, and board member until 2018. I am currently co-responsible for EARMA’s Digital Events and Presentations.  From 2013-2018 I was the initiative taker and Chair of the COST BESTPRAC Targeted Network, with more than 680 participants from 41 countries. Together with good colleagues around the world, I wrote the one of the first comprehensive books on Research Management: “Research Management – Europe and beyond”.

I very much appreciate your knowledge and skills sharing with the group in a practical way

Why Join My Training?

“Thanks to your very high competences and skills, so as empathy I was able to receive feedback of my issues and problems, which I have collected before the training”

“What I like most was the preparing part. You gained information and expectations long time before the workshop and it should be continued for sure. It was also good for participants, because they feel like this workshop is organised based on their needs”.



  • Computer Science
  • Danish Language
  • Philosophy


  • University of Copenhagen
  • Technical University of Denmark
  • University of Southern Denmark



Books & Publications

Together with my fabulous co-authors Kristel Toom, Susi Poli and Pamela F. Miller I have written the first comprehensive book on Research Management and Administration, with contribution from colleagues worldwide.

Active Learning

Research Management Europe and beyond

This book outlines practical advice for those in the research management and administration profession at all levels of experience. It is also a useful tool that research institutions and research groups can use to assist in planning and streamlining their research support.


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You can learn more about me, see other publications and my career at my Orcid profile.

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